16/2/2016 marks my FIVE YEAR anniversary with this amazing company.

I never expected when I joined, to be a Unit Manager in less than 18 months and to have enjoyed meeting so many beautiful women.

My team of Stylists- ‘4EVA FASHION’ is an amazing group that I not only enjoy working with but am privileged to also call them friends.

We have fun bringing our “pop up shops” into your home, so you can enjoy your shopping experience away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping centers, giving you personalized service, without having to leave your lounge room.

I am always looking for motivated, fun ladies who love Clothes!

If that’s you call me!


Boot Boots Boots

I was on a fantastic day out, last Saturday. On a shopping tour, got to love being driven around to these amazing outlets to SHOP.
On the list was Diana Ferrari shoes. Now my love for boots went into slight “hyperventilate” at entering this store. Beautiful boots, aisle after aisle. Knee highs, calves, ankles, zips, buckles, flats, heels, laces, colours……..oh the decisions.
Happy to say I walked out with three new pairs, and a saving of close to $400. Gotta love a sale! New pair of knee high blacks, (can never have enough) and a pair of knee high brown. Now I’ve never had a knee length pair of boots in anything but black. So this is a new somewhat daunting experience. But it’s all about trying something new, and exploring the possibilities, and I just fell in love with these boots!
Now this gives me new reasons to buy clothes to go with the new brown boots lol. With knee highs I strongly suggest those with a side panel of stretch. Soooo comfortable.
My friend with me has never worn boots as she has big calves. She left with a pair that was perfect for her leg size. Happy happy happy. Also scored a cute pair of just above ankle cut, lace up boots. Which will be great everyday casuals to throw on with jeans. Feeling snug on these cold winter days? I am! Gotta love this seasons cowl neck jumpers.


Soft, and stylish, and warm to wear they are a must for cooler seasons.

With a luxurious roll neck, and blended with angora the result is a truly comfortable, elegant, super warm look. Team up with a straight or skinny leg pant, or the comfort of a pair of leggings, in a plain, print or textured design and the result is as shown in the pictures. Or a skinny leg pair of jeans, out this season in denim, grey, black or khaki. Now don’t forget my all important BOOTS TO FINISH OFF A FANTASTIC OUTFIT. Another must have in the winter wardrobe is the “puffer jacket”


These sleeveless vests are fully lined and super warm. Zip up side pockets and wait for it. Our hood is detachable! Score… See the skirt in the picture. I own this skirt to. Elastic waist. Max comfort and so me. Nothing beats winter for layers, with this outfit I would put on a pair of black leggings and you guested it. My knee high boots. I love winter, but only if I’m WARM, and feeling comfortable.


Winter Wonderful

As the weather starts to cool I’m excited to see beautiful Aztec detailing coming through the stores. Prints and textures, tweed fabrics and fur trims. Delightful. Warm but stylish dressing. Got to love winter for this if nothing else.

Add to this accessories. Bling it up with a chunky necklace or scarf to finish of a stunning outfit. Sometimes a bright scarf is all an outfit needs to add that pop of colour and brighten up an otherwise shaded outfit.

As to shaded, I mean black, white and grey. All three shades are very much in this season. I don’t think there will ever be a time when you don’t see black and white in fashion. Black and white is again at the forefront of fashion, with a touch of grey added as a third shade for subtle elegance. Some times all that outfir needs is one bold colour added to POP that outfit into a new fresh stylish look.

A jacket in orange, cobalt blue or green could just do the trick. Autumn/Winter trends show a range of bold colours, standout prints, flattering silhouettes and luxe faux leather.

Cooler months give me back my other passion. BOOTS. Knee high boots to be exact, but calf high boots work just as well. You can even drag out some of those favourite summer garments, and layer them through to winter wear. Nothing like being able to use garments all year round to maximise wear. Layer with long sleeve tops, leggings and scarfs over a favourite dress or skirt. Don’t forget to add the knee high boots, throw a jacket over ( remember this year, fur trimmed collars are in) ,to get you warmly from A to B.

Once arrived the removal of your jacket still allows you to look warm and stylish in your favorite clothes.

Soft knits, studded details and a touch of sparkle will be found this season.

Animal prints again make a powerful, glamorous statement. Animal inspired patterns dominate this season.

Chunky zip detailing, faux fur trims add detail to this season must have’s.

It’s in the detail, taking inspiration from the punk trends seen on this year’s catwalk. Up styling with zips, studs and faux leather details on shoulders, sleeves or pockets. Taking the look to feminine yet fierce. Discover what works for you !